2015 "Career Champion"

It is with great honor that I have been identified as a 2015 "Career Champion" I received a wonderful letter from Kelli Smith PhD, Director, Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development and she writes...

Dear Professor Mastrangelo,

Congratulations! You have been identified as a 2015 "Career Champion;" someone who has empowered students to find their purpose, identify and reach their career goals, prepare for and solidify future professional plans or gain full time employment.

Examples of Career Champions include those who have shared expertise regarding technical or professional skills needed in the workplace, internship advice, networking assistance, interviewing guidance, industry tips and building relationships to enhance student engagement in the workplace.

To highlight part of the criteria that contributed to your selection as one of our Career Champions, we have included some of your nominator(s) comments below.

"Angelo has gone out of his way time and time again to support students. He believes in his students and does all he can to be there for them inside and outside the classroom."

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development, on behalf of Binghamton University undergraduate and graduate students, is grateful for all that you have done and we thank you for your continued support in championing our students' success.


It is my privilege to work with the students of Binghamton University. They empower me as much as I empower them. I am fortunate to do this work, and grateful to be considered a “Career Champion.”