Author Angelo Mastrangelo Speaker at SPARK Leadership Conference in Watkins Glen, New York

 Watkins Glen, NY – The Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting the SPARK Leadership Conference 2016 to be held February 22 – 24, 2016 at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel. SPARK is a three day, intensive conference of speakers, and networking. The conference will offer a fresh take on leadership development to bright, dynamic professionals from all industries across New York State and beyond.

In addition to the conference’s lineup of impressive speakers is keynote speaker, Angelo Mastrangelo, Ph.D. Dr. Mastrangelo comes to the conference with vast leadership knowledge, entrepreneurial expertise, and a keen sense of self. Dr. Mastrangelo holds a Ph.D in Organization Studies from the College of Business Administration at the University at Albany, SUNY. He was the owner and chief executive officer of Adirondack Beverages, Inc. for thirteen years. He has over thirty years of leadership experience. He developed the Entrepreneurship Program at Binghamton University and he was named one of the top Entrepreneurship Professors in the United States by Fortune Small Business Magazine. His book Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Practical Guide to Generating New Business was released by Praeger Publishing in January 2016. For more information about Dr. Mastrangelo, visit


Dr. Mastrangelo offers his thoughts about this Leadership Conference…. John F. Kennedy once said, “ Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” This conference will help you hone and refine your leadership skills to make positive things happen. I am excited about being given the opportunity to open the conference and look forward to my visit to Watkins Glen.

Following the opening reception, there will be eleven breakout sessions. A few topics include CEO’s Lessons Learned, The Power of Imagination and Leadership, and How to Build Success with Changing Times. The slate of programming seeks to engage, encourage, and educate rising leaders, veteran leaders, and the leader in each of us!

The Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes has provided a generous donation, enabling the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce to offer a sponsorship registration for the first ten non-for-profit or student attendees who sign-up for the conference!

Sara Palmer, Director of Grants and Communication at The Community Foundation says that that they are happy to provide the grant for scholarships, noting, “The Community Foundation is excited about SPARK and proud to support the not-for-profit community. Workshops like the ones being offered at SPARK are critical to the professionals working within the not-for-profit sector.”

Additional information as well as an application for attendance is available at: Space is limited and registration closes on February 15, 2016. Please call the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce at 607-535-4300 with any questions.

Binghamton Professor Publishes Book on Entrepreneurship - WICZ Binghamton

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Dr. Angelo Mastrangelo is an Endicott native and Business Professor at Binghamton University, but his expertise in business came from humble beginnings.

After starting out as a stock boy in the 1960's, he worked his way into becoming a milkman, eventually landing a job as a salesman at Canada Dry in southern New York. From there, he became a plant manager at C&C Cola before eventually purchasing the company and renaming it Adirondack Beverages.

After receiving a PhD from Albany University in 2001, he began teaching entrepreneurship and leadership at Binghamton University.

On November 30th of this year he released his first book, Entrepreneurial Leadership, cataloging his professional success and seeking to inspire those who might follow in his footsteps.

"It has nothing to do with owning your own company. The entrepreneurial process is the creative process. It has nothing to do with ownership, everyone says you have to own your own company. Well Steve Jobs did his best working running a public company, so did Elon Musk," said Mastrangelo.

2015 "Career Champion"

It is with great honor that I have been identified as a 2015 "Career Champion" I received a wonderful letter from Kelli Smith PhD, Director, Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development and she writes...

Dear Professor Mastrangelo,

Congratulations! You have been identified as a 2015 "Career Champion;" someone who has empowered students to find their purpose, identify and reach their career goals, prepare for and solidify future professional plans or gain full time employment.

Examples of Career Champions include those who have shared expertise regarding technical or professional skills needed in the workplace, internship advice, networking assistance, interviewing guidance, industry tips and building relationships to enhance student engagement in the workplace.

To highlight part of the criteria that contributed to your selection as one of our Career Champions, we have included some of your nominator(s) comments below.

"Angelo has gone out of his way time and time again to support students. He believes in his students and does all he can to be there for them inside and outside the classroom."

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development, on behalf of Binghamton University undergraduate and graduate students, is grateful for all that you have done and we thank you for your continued support in championing our students' success.


It is my privilege to work with the students of Binghamton University. They empower me as much as I empower them. I am fortunate to do this work, and grateful to be considered a “Career Champion.”


Gaining Ground in the Agricultural Market

For the past several months we have been planning and assembling a team to tackle a project involving the rapidly growing agricultural market. This article by David Hill (Go to article) talks about some of elements of the project, here are some more details on how we plan to tackle the Physical and Virtual aspects of this venture.


Cornell will provide the technology and we will provide the process. Our strength is in both process (George studied under the famous TQM (Total Quality Management) guru W. Edward Deming and we (Adirondack) were a leader in TQM in the Capital District and marketing (George, Marc Lower and myself have extensive background in product and service development and distribution. Our goal is to help Cornell refine the technology and develop a TQM process that can be patented. We believe that Greater Binghamton can become a cluster for cutting edge technology for one of the fastest growing industries in our country CEA ( Controlled Agriculture Environment) and we can scale our model across the country.


An online, constantly updated marketplace where farmers and retailers and restaurateurs can exchange needs and orders and consumers could find food sources. It is unique in that it will be live, dynamic, comprehensive and global. The virtual market will link farmers and consumers, both individuals and businesses, including grocers and restaurant operators. Farmers could see buyers’ requests for beets and plan to grow them in the coming season with the aim being to tie producers and consumers together electronically then physically to do business  

Our goal is be the leader in adding value to the agriculture network with a unique big data repository located in Greater Binghamton.