Gaining Ground in the Agricultural Market

For the past several months we have been planning and assembling a team to tackle a project involving the rapidly growing agricultural market. This article by David Hill (Go to article) talks about some of elements of the project, here are some more details on how we plan to tackle the Physical and Virtual aspects of this venture.


Cornell will provide the technology and we will provide the process. Our strength is in both process (George studied under the famous TQM (Total Quality Management) guru W. Edward Deming and we (Adirondack) were a leader in TQM in the Capital District and marketing (George, Marc Lower and myself have extensive background in product and service development and distribution. Our goal is to help Cornell refine the technology and develop a TQM process that can be patented. We believe that Greater Binghamton can become a cluster for cutting edge technology for one of the fastest growing industries in our country CEA ( Controlled Agriculture Environment) and we can scale our model across the country.


An online, constantly updated marketplace where farmers and retailers and restaurateurs can exchange needs and orders and consumers could find food sources. It is unique in that it will be live, dynamic, comprehensive and global. The virtual market will link farmers and consumers, both individuals and businesses, including grocers and restaurant operators. Farmers could see buyers’ requests for beets and plan to grow them in the coming season with the aim being to tie producers and consumers together electronically then physically to do business  

Our goal is be the leader in adding value to the agriculture network with a unique big data repository located in Greater Binghamton.