About the Book


Entrepreneurial leaders are in need of a practical compass, and this book gives them just that. Combining principles of leadership and entrepreneurship, the guide covers basic concepts and pertinent issues for leaders at all levels and does so in a manner that is at once lively, relevant, and entertaining. Drawing on the best thinking from both business and academia, the book irrefutably demonstrates the connection between skilled leadership and organizational effectiveness and performance. 


Readers are provided with two easy-to-follow models that are applicable to all types of organizations. The Opportunity Model (Part I) shows exactly how to identify business-generating opportunities, while the Enduring Leadership Model (Part II) outlines the author's unique leadership principles, what he calls "Personal" and "Professional" Leadership. Used together, these two models give today's entrepreneurial leaders the real-life tools they need to succeed. To illustrate what works—and what doesn't—the author takes readers inside the highly volatile beverage industry and shares his greatest successes and failures running Adirondack Beverages, a company that still thrives today based on principles instilled more than 20 years ago.

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An insightful, engaging journey through the what, why and how of entrepreneurial leadership, filled with Angelo Mastrangelo’s unique blend of wit, wisdom and experience.”
— Joseph Morone, President & CEO, Albany International
This book combines the best of personal and professional development in an effective but surprisingly easy to implement model. Readers will find powerful tools to help them create new opportunities and maximize their leadership skills.”
— Jeff Hoffman, Co-founder, Priceline.com
There are few books that come along with the ability to radically change how one approaches their personal and professional life. The book you hold in your hands will turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into a successful reality while building your skills to be an effective leader who gets things done.”
— Arel Moodie, Bestselling Author, speaker and founder of The College Success Program Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 Honoree