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I present easy-to-understand models of both entrepreneurship and leadership, keeping in mind that entrepreneurial leaders first and foremost generate new business. 

As a preliminary measure, the good entrepreneurial leader realizes that—contrary to what might be the prevailing business ethos—the art of generating new business is selfless, and not selfish. He or she understands that the business world should be a “you” world, not a “we” or “me” world. By that I mean that good entrepreneurial leaders focus on the needs and wants of the consumer, knowing that by satisfying the consumer first, the “we” and “me” will benefit later. 

An insightful, engaging journey through the what, why and how of entrepreneurial leadership, filled with Angelo Mastrangelo’s unique blend of wit, wisdom and experience.”
— Joseph Morone, President & CEO, Albany International
This book combines the best of personal and professional development in an effective but surprisingly easy to implement model. Readers will find powerful tools to help them create new opportunities and maximize their leadership skills.”
— Jeff Hoffman, Co-founder,
This book unlocks the exact strategies needed to succeed as an entrepreneur by combining timeless leadership strategies and the unique ‘opportunity model’. These specific strategies helped me build a 7-figure business while in my 20’s, after being on welfare for the first 18 years of my life.”
— Arel Moodie, Bestselling Author, speaker and founder of The College Success Program Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 Honoree